BySalt Protection Set



The thrice Salt Protection Set consists of the sacred salts. 

Use by dashing a pinch when needed or take and smash the whole bottle when in the state of emergency. ... Or whatever, there's never a wrong way if you're educated in your spiritual journey

Pink Himalayan Salt - absorbs phychic energy. Best for love. Removes love curses. Protects relationships. Helps transfer spells or wishes to the higher power by throwing it in fire or flames which releases the phychic charge into higher dimensions. Can be thrown into water, rivers, wells oceans seas or lake to carry out wishes or remove burdens and clear the aura.

Black Salt- repelling negative energy. Protection spells &cleansing. Banashing. Breaking hexes or curses. Drives away bad energy, unwanted guests, nasty spirits.

White Sea Salt- all purpose. Great for cleansing and healing. Removes negative energy& dark spirits. Cleansing ritiuals & protection circles.