How do Crystals work


To understand crystals we must first understand basic science. Rember the first things you learned. There was atoms and how they corresponded with liquid, solid, and gas. Liquid atoms vibrate slower and are farther apart. Solids are densely packed and quickly vibrating, and gases atoms have more space to move & shoot all over the place. 

All matter has a energy which has its own energy frequency. Crystals being the most purest, consistent, solid natural energy, each having their own unique level of high energy frequncies [due to crystals unique a quick dense vibration of atoms] 

Humans also have a frequency resonating at all times, but our energy is very inconsistent and impressionable to outside forces such as electromagnetic waves, emotions, and illnesses which directly effect our energy and how high or low our frequencies are. It's already understood that when you are sick or sad you have a low energy, & low frequency (Hince, a bad Vibe). Just as when your happy, your energy and frequency is high and positive.

So, with all that being said, if our energy as people is very impressionable to outside variables as well as internal conflicts. Keeping strong crystals nearby will raise lower energy.

We can use what we know about the very high and pure energy of crystals to harmonize with our bodies energy and raise our personal frequency to a higher healthier level. You would be physically raising your energy and frequencies closer to that of a crystals original natrualy high positive energy. You can achieve this just by being within its energy field.[which is how far energy reaches from it's being] 

SkyyCrystals is very insightful on this subject  and also had this to say

"Crystals consist of energy, frequencies, and atoms just as the body does. Call crystals the "physical manifestation of light & chakra energy". Even the earth has its own chakras.

Our best tools come from earth in its natural form. When we allow ourselves to become intuned in our planets frequency threw the use of natural elements it helps balence and align our spiritual bodies to our physical bodies.

Everything is about energy and the frequencies they emit. Crystals emit frequencies that call on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of a being. They work by resonating surrounding energies to match its own. They can be used to balance, cleanse, connect to chakras and the divine, and align us with the our intent of use. 

Spiritual wellness is the way each of us experiences the world. Its degree of health effects our peace of mind and helps us understand ourselves and whats going on around us. True wellness begins with self-healing of the mind and knowing we have the power to do so. When emotions are balanced, it opens the channel for one to receive light, understanding, wisdom, and healing on so many levels. Natural products created with healing intentions, can raise your vibration and assist you with your personal journey towards" -skyycrystals


To use crystals is very simple. All you are trying to do is be physically in the realm of the crystals energy field to harmonize & syncranoize your energy to the high energy of your crystals & reap the positive benefits. You can carry crystals in your pocket, car, purse, wallet, or place them in frequently visited place in your home like your bedroom, entrances, bathroom, shelves , bookcases."


 Here are a few ways to use them

Hold them in your hands

meditate with them

create a crystal grid

make a sacred space

lay them on your body

in your purse or pocket

use them as home décor to generate a positive energy and zen