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PreciousJewels is here to enhance ones owns energy which crystals, gemss minerals and fossils can empower by ones dedication of ones own personal intentions of changing or bettering themselves. Crystals, herbs, and other natural ingredients have been used and passed down for centuries, but they rely solely on the user to be effective. It is the users responsibility for empowering the energy that enhances the capabilities of the jewels.

Therefor PreciousJewels does not guarantee or give warranties or predictions when it comes to the results when one is using a specific product. Altho they are believed and proven to have healing properties, Precious Jewels dose not hold responsibility or liability for the effectiveness of the merchandise of PaintedUp PresciousJewels. 

.Healing crystals should be used as a aid or compliment to other medical treatment and therapies and not as a replacement or an alternative for medical treatment and diagnosis. For medical assistance please consult a license health care specialists.

 However, the information here is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease but merely aid in overcoming situations . It is not intended to be substituted for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. If you rely upon any programs or techniques, or use any of the products and services made available by or through the use of this website for decision making, without obtaining the advice of a physician or other health care professional, you do so at your own risk. The nutritional and other information on our website is not intended to be, and does not constitute medical advice.

Please understand that Precious Jewels handmade products will need 1 to 2 weeks to ship and no two hamdmade products or crystals will be exactly the same. Tracking is provided to insure delivery and can not claim responsibility for a lost or stolen package.The views expressed on PaintedUp PreciousJewels have not been reviewed or endorsed by the FDA or any other private or public entity.